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Course Creation Workshop


Live Over The Shoulder Training showing you the Ins and Out of creating your own course.

April 1st 2022, 5pm EST / 8pm PST

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What You Will Learn

This in a nutshell will be a course to teach you how to make your course.  We break things down for you step by step and walk you thru the process. 

How to determine what to teach, how to budget, and setting a timeline

You know you want to build a course but you are unsure on what exactly to teach. So First we show you how to take that knowledge that you have in your head and lay it out in a course.

Creating your course outline

Now we start the nitty gritty of course building. This part is one that you want to be sure to take the time doing. Order is not particularly necessary but getting all the steps and main points all out is what is important.

How to validate your course

Validating your course is an important aspect before you begin creating your content. Sounds backwards for sure but why create something without knowing if there is a need or if the content you had in mind is all that needs to be included?

The Big Promise & Price

The Big Bold Promise is huge to your success. After spending some time on your outline and validating your course, does your course deliver on your big bold promise?

Preselling your course

You may be thinking “why would I sell the course before I make it” and “isn’t that kind of backwards?” It is backwards in the normal way of thinking but you definitely do not want to spend the extra time in creating something that is not going to sell.

Creating Your Course

You have the outline done and now you are ready to create the content.Where do you start?Many like to start from the intro and work all the way down the line. This way they can go through the entire process and make sure there are no steps missed.

About Us

Kathy Walls and Rob Verzera are both successful Digital, Affiliate and Network marketers.

With over 40 years of business knowledge and experience between them and sales in the 8 figures they have found their passion helping other succeed. 

Co-founders of the Enhanced Training Academy and Groove Nation, they help people make profits from their passion. 

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